The C Word Again!

No, not that one!!  Christmas!  Less than 3 months to go, 12 and a bit weeks to go, only 13 Saturdays left...  Am I inducing a sense of panic in you yet?  I think as these things go people are either last-minute-ers or well-in-advance-ers, which are you?

With baby due early December, we could potentially be a bit up in arms Christmas-wise here, so I am determined to get everything done well in advance.  I have most of the presents sorted now, apart from the girls' and Steve's, which will no doubt involve some serious Internet shopping when I get to the 'can't be bothered to hit the shops' stage of late pregnancy in a few weeks' time!  But even I was shocked to see the amount of Christmas-ness appearing in the supermarkets already.

When we popped in to a local store earlier this week, there was wrapping paper, cards, stocking fillers, tins of chocolates etc etc.  Although dare I confess that some of them were at such low prices, I did stock up on some bits whilst I was internally thinking "but it's still September!!"  And then of course we have the dilemma of where to store such things, especially as although Lara is now well-versed in the 'not till Christmas!' cry, our little chocoholic Sophia may not be so easy to placate...

So that's the presents well underway, the food stash started, now I suppose I best start thinking about what we're all going to wear...

I've heard of a number of people who go for the pyjamas all day option, but even though we're only at home we usually like to dress up a little on the Big Day.  Kind of makes it extra special if you have some nice new togs to wear too - plus then you can save the all-day PJs option for Boxing Day ;-)

I must admit to dressing the girls up in cute little festive outfits when they were smaller, but I'm not sure I'll be allowed to get away with that now!  I'll just have to do it with the newborn, hee hee.  Whilst I have yet to succumb to the true 'Christmas jumper' experience myself, I do think these two from the great range of tops and jumpers at New Look may pass muster:

I love the sequin detailing on the penguin one especially, so cute!  And I think the pompom-ed Christmas tree design would be very popular with the girls.  If I don't succumb to the Christmas jumper idea, one thing I will definitely be buying is this pink sweatshirt, it looks so lovely and cosy for vegging out in.  Now I just have to find out if it comes in maternity sizes...

What's de rigueur in your house on Christmas Day?


  1. I love a good christmas jumper! Loving the penguin one! haha x

  2. I don't usually do Christmas jumpers but the Penguin one is so cute!!

  3. The Penguin Christmas jumper is cute.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I love a good christmas jumper!


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