Transforming Lives with ChildAid

One of our favourite charities ChildAid works in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine to support children and young people in need.  They help to truly transform lives, giving hope and helping real opportunities become a reality for the children and young people that their local partners work with. This is the story of half-brothers Edik and Yulian, please spare a moment to read about them.

Before he was born Edik was hated and not wanted. Beaten and rejected from an early age he was frequently hungry, had few clothes and no toys. Their mother was an alcoholic. Edik never knew his own father but it was him who found Yulian's alcoholic father hanging dead from a tree. It was only his grandmother that prevented them from being abandoned in hospital and it was to her he escaped - until he also found her dead on the kitchen floor.

ChildAid's partner, Children's Hearts were able to support the brothers and bring them to a new, Christian, mother. However, her marriage was close to collapse. But, the boys brought dramatic change.

Whilst they gained a loving family, the husband and wife drew tightly together. The husband returned to church and secured a new job. Alcohol was banished from the home and God began to transform all their lives.

After knowing only trauma, rejection and abuse Edik and his brother were eventually taken to a state institution.

So overcome by the love they could give and receive, the foster parents invited two more boys to live with them.

All are fully settled and making excellent progress. Meanwhile their new parents are growing in their experience and parenting skills. So much so that they no longer need the help of our partners.

Our ultimate goal is always to bring full independence - and with this family it has, thanks to the support of our sponsors and dedication of our partners, been fulfilled.

We can now move onto to new children and new families.

The work of Children's Hearts and all our partners can and do make life changing differences.

If you would like to be part of this process then please do consider our sponsorship programme of £16 per month. Or perhaps our project sponsorship may be more suitable at £10 per month. This relatively small amount will make a difference.

Do consider sponsoring a child through ChildAid if you are able to, or making a one-off donation.  Also, please look out for future posts which will let you know how to help with Christmas gifts, or even something as simple as buying your Christmas cards from them.  Thank you!


  1. I do buy cards from them, a great charity.Lovely post.

  2. A moving story. There are so many children like Edik and Yulian who need love.


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