We're Getting There! Or Perhaps, Through Our Keyhole...

Regular readers will have heard me blethering on about the saga of the home reorganisation and new furniture before now, but we have an update!  This poor old flat of ours has gone through so many transformations and reorganisations, it probably doesn't know whether it's coming or going!!  But the expansion from single person to couple, to family of soon-to-be-five, not to mention the ever-growing cat family, has meant some big re-thinks and re-jigs over the years!

This is not the point of this particular blog post, but in brief, since being unceremoniously kicked off the local social housing register simply because this place is mortgaged not rented, and having no chance of ever getting a bigger mortgage or being able to afford even to rent anywhere any time soon, we have decided to make the most of what we have - again!  After a good bit of saving and doing without, we have finally taken delivery of some extra storage for the living room, most of which will be given over to toys and books, when we get it all organised anyway!  Although I have managed to purloin of the little cubes for my stuff, so I can now access all the stationery etc I need right by my desk.  Very happy with that.

But best of all, Sophia now has a chest of drawers for her clothes, rather than a suitcase - hurrah!!  And to prevent the same problem happening again, we even ordered one for the new arrival too.  The only problem is that we are left with abject chaos to sort through, and no doubt a good few runs to the charity shop!  I am not coping entirely well with this at the moment, to be frank, but Steve keeps repeating his mantra of 'it gets worse before it gets better'.  I think I believe him...

Of course, we are still getting some fab comments from people who think having more than two children is a bit odd: "You'll have to stack them!"; "Do they make triple bunk beds?"; "Where are you going to put it?!" etc etc.  Yawn.  At the end of the day, we have a warm, comfortable roof over our heads and we manage just fine, thanks.

We have had a family bed since Lara was born, in that we all co-sleep, and there is plenty of room for one, two or even more babies that come along.  A few months before Sophia's birth, we went browsing single bed frames to place alongside our big double, and now have about eight feet of bed for everyone to collapse into at the end of our busy days.  Not for everyone perhaps, but it suits us just fine and I really can't imagine not having small people snuggling up to me in the night, or waking me with a cheery smile or a kiss in the morning.  It's lovely!  Although those co-sleeping funnies that do the rounds are definitely true!

The big mistake we made though, was that in the end we chose a bed purely because it was the same height as the double, and didn't consider the differences in types of mattresses for single beds.  Now, with lots of bouncing on it - two little monkeys jumping on the bed! - not to mention all the sleeping, we are in dire need of a new single mattress.  Ah well, just when I thought the household shopping was done...


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