Where Do They Find the Time?!

I may have mentioned once or twice my total incomprehension of TV talent shows and most reality TV (although inexplicably I do have a bit of a thing about Four in a Bed), but a heck of a lot of people devote many, many hours in a week to keeping up to date with 'I can skate with my dancing dog whilst tweeting, playing my guitar and cooking a chocolate fondant' or whatever the latest show's called.

A very basic straw poll (Steve's work colleagues!) reveals that the same people are more than likely keeping up with around 15 hours of soap operas a week, and that's just the basics of Coronation Street, Emmerdale, EastEnders, and the Aussie ones.  That's a heck of a lot of time in a week!

Of course, each to their own and all that, but to be honest I'm impressed more than anything!  I barely have time to wash my face and read a few pages of my book in the evening, let alone watch all that TV.  And surely these people don't live in squalor, they must clean their homes, cook dinner, maintain other hobbies or interests, and they might even squeeze in childcare or a social life - even time with their husbands (shock horror!).  Yet they still manage to keep up with who's danced/sung/cooked well enough to get through this week; who's had their Easy DNA test this week; who's carrying on with whom etc etc etc.  I just want to know how!

I reckon my time management skills need some fine tuning.  Not that I want to use the time gained to tune in to depression central in the Square or wherever, but a free extra hours a day would be most welcome!!

How do people do it all?  I need to know!


  1. I do watch x factor, it only takes an hour and if we have recorded it and watch it an hour later or so, we ffwd the adverts too?


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