DVD Review: Jelly Jamm 'Radio Goomo'

Quirky, funky, crazy, silly, slightly weird, but utterly brilliant.  From the very first sighting, Lara (and Steve and I!) have loved Spanish children's TV series Jelly Jamm.  It's hilarious, and very very clever.  Set on the magical, fictional Planet Jammbo, each episode features quirky character Bello and his friends as they learn to live together in harmony, and have plenty of comedic adventures on the way.  Planet Jammbo is the source of music in the universe, so every episode features funky music and silly, quirky song lyrics.  I challenge you not to sing along with the title track too!

The Radio Goomo DVD contains 6 episodes:
  • Radio Goomo
  • Musical Aurora
  • Rita Adopts a Dodo
  • Flying Lies
  • I Want That Too
  • Mama Mina

The whole look of the show is very inviting and fun for the age group it is aimed at (4-7 year olds), but also appeals to younger - and older - viewers.  The eternal themes of the challenges of friendship make some great stories, and the scenarios they are played out in are fun and interesting to watch.  Both girls are completely absorbed by the show, and the DVD despite multiple viewings so far - we even had to take it on holiday with us!

The five friends featured in Jelly Jamm are the leader Bello, his best friend and sidekick Goomo, scientist Mina, quirky prima donna-ish girl Rita, and silent Ongo, have their ups and downs, but ultimately overcome their difficulties to stay great friends.  They squabble, don't listen to one another, get too over-excited, tell fibs, get carried away, exaggerate and more, but in the end realise that if they had either talked to each other or worked together in the first place they would have got on a lot better!  Fairly typical children's antics then...

But all is done with tongue firmly in cheek for the adults, and full of tender fun and bright, jolly ideas for the children.  Great fun, and highly recommended as an addition to every child's Christmas stocking this year!

Jelly Jamm is currently broadcast in the UK on Channel 5 Milkshake at 09.40 (10.40 on Plus 1) on Saturday and Sunday; and Monday to Friday on Cartoonito at 11.30 and 15.15.

You can find out more on the Jelly Jamm website, which features videos, games, downloads and more; and you can also watch episodes and clips on the recently launched Jelly Jamm English YouTube Channel.

The Jelly Jamm - Radio Goomo [DVD] is widely available, and currently priced at £6.04 on Amazon.

You can also follow Jelly Jamm on their official UK Facebook page.

A range of toys and a music CD is coming soon.  Watch this space!


  1. My girls would love this! Thanks for the review!


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