Fancy Dress Time

Lara is just getting into dressing up, with the ubiquitous Disney princess dresses being a clear favourite, but she is also happy to delve into our growing collection of scarves, hats and assorted oddities to come up with her own dress up ideas.  Not to mention grabbing my shoes, sarongs and whatever else she can find to supplement what's in our dressing up box.

Of course, all small people love dressing up, and ready-made costumes just add to the fun, but I was rather taken aback this week to receive an invitation to a children's birthday party stating a theme!  Not just 'fancy dress' but specifically 'Wild West'.  Other parents, is this typical of modern birthday parties?  The party is taking place on a farm and I know the birthday boy is into cowboys etc, but even so!!

A quick trawl round the shops revealed a very limited selection of fancy dress costumes, mostly more of those princess dresses!  Whilst wondering if I could get away with some sort of DIY creation, and feelingg woefully inadequate, I thankfully found these fun, cowgirl and cowboy fancy dress costumes online.  The Native American squaw outfit went down a storm with Lara when I showed it to her, thank goodness, so a partying she shall go!

Hopefully you won't also be facing the Wild West party theme requirements, but in case you are looking for a special dress up outfit this October, I also noticed that they have a wide selection of Halloween fancy dress costumes online.  Definitely something for everyone!