Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Kaleidoscope Complete the Look Competition: Pick Your Winner! - ENDED

Thank you so much for all your fantastic entries for the Kaleidscope Complete the Look competition!  You certainly made it very difficult for me to choose the four best accessories to go with the Christmas shopping outfit I chose.  But after much deliberation, including at one point three grown women standing round a computer screen cooing over the gorgeous jewellery, coat, underwear and accessories you had selected, the final four pieces have been chosen.

Here is the outfit I had selected:

Now four people have the chance to win the whole outfit, plus an item of their choice which they feel best completes the look.  The four selections are:

Natalie May chose the Together Drop Pendant Necklace as it would "complement the V neckline and colour match, finishing the outfit off".  A lot of people chose jewellery, but this item stood out for me as it is so unusual and has some lovely detailing.  I quite agree that the long line shape would be a great addition to the striped dress.

Cat Williams thought the fab Cut-Out Sunglasses "would round this outfit off nicely, and help with any final glimmers of October Sun and make the wearer feel a little like Victoria Beckham."  The sunglasses were actually chosen by a couple of people, but I really liked Cat's reasoning - we can all channel a bit of Posh on a good day!  The bag is quite VB too, I think!

I loved some of the lateral thinking you came up with, with suggestions like 'a spritz of perfume' and 'good underwear' showing a definite outside the box ideas.  Emma Ellison was one of these, choosing the gorgeous but highly practical Charnos Cherub Lace Bra with this reasoning:

"Well an outfit as fab & stylish as this would surely deserve some gorgeous underwear underneath so I'd team it with this rather lovely bra :-)"

Who can argue with that?!  Very Gok Wan!  As we all know, good underwear is the foundation of a great silhouette, and I agree that this fab bra would give a perfect line under the knitted dress.

Finally, Lisa Jarmin chose these gorgeous Laser-Cut-Trim Leather Gloves, and her reason made me smile:

"It has to be these gloves ...  Not only do the colours match perfectly (black with red contrast lining just visible through the cut out details), they smarten up the entire outfit and are practical for autumn and winter. Plus leather gloves make me feel like a Bond Girl. Just saying."

I couldn't agree more, the colours are indeed a perfect match, and would be great for any winter wardrobe.

Which item do you think is the perfect match for the Christmas shopping outfit?


Will you choose Lisa's Bond girl gloves; Emma's fab foundation garment; Cat's Posh Spice sunglasses; or Natalie's cute tassle necklace?

Please leave a comment below with your choice, and the reason for it.

Only one comment per person please!

When the competition closes at midnight on Wednesday 13th November 2013, the item with the most votes wins - and Cat, Emma, Natalie or Lisa will win the entire outfit!

Best of luck ladies!

Terms and Conditions

Phase 1

1. To enter the competition you must go to the Kaleidoscope website and pick an item to complete the look. In the comments section below, post a link to the item and explain why you picked that item. You must also leave a way to contact you.

2. Phase 1 closes at midnight on Monday 28th October 2013.

3. After the closing date I will pick 4 entries to go through to phase 2. The 4 items will be selected on how, in my opinion, they best fit the outfit, and the best reason for choosing them. My decision is final.

4. Entrants will be notified within 48 hours of the closing date if they have been selected for Phase 2.

Phase 2

1. A second blog post on Wednesday 30th October will showcase the 4 selected items.

2. The 4 entrants will need to encourage their friends and family to visit the blog post and vote for their chosen item in the comments section, saying why they think it should be the winner. (Only one comment per person.)

3. Phase 2 closes at midnight on Wednesday 13th November 2013.

4. The winner will be the person whose item received the most votes. My decision is final.

5. The winner receives the whole outfit as seen, including their chosen item. In the event that any item is out of stock, Kaleidoscope reserves the right to substitute another item up to the same value.

If any entry requirement is unclear, please e-mail me on for clarification.


  1. Cat Williams - Now... im not sure if I can vote for myself but ... I still think the sunglasses are a good choice. There's still the tinest bit of sun lurking ... which still blinds me when I'm driving so they would be perfect.

  2. I love Cat's outfit, sunglasses are a must have in my handbag all year round and lets face it when the sun comes out after a rainy day the last thing you want is to be dazzled.

  3. The gloves suit the outfit best!

  4. The gloves definitely. They really sex up the outfit plus warm hands are always good

  5. The gloves - Bond Girl all the way! :)

  6. Lisa's gloves - every woman needs some gorgeous leather gloves in her wardrobe!

  7. Lise's gloves. They are a classic, will go with anything!

  8. Gloves, because they really do add that Bond girl touch.

  9. I vote for Lisa's gloves. They're smart and ideal for keeping your paws warm between shops.
    Also, I sing in a choir, and we wear black and red - they'd be ideal for carol singing!

  10. Definitely the gloves because they too make me feel like a spy!

  11. Cat's sunglasses - they look sexy

  12. Obviously I'd like to vote for my underwear, a great outfit just isn't as great without great underwear :-) But as I prob can't vote for myself my next choice would definitely be the gloves xx

  13. I'll go with my daughters choice of the underwear x

  14. Jennifer Williams3 November 2013 at 12:22

    I'd vote for Cat's sunglasses as I think they are a fa choice

  15. The sunglasses would look great with this.

  16. If I'm allowed to vote for me, then gloves all the way. If not, the underwear because I love a nice bit of sexy underwear under my clothes.

  17. lisa's gloves get my vote - i have a similar pair and the Bond girl comment is spot on!

  18. Love the gloves, a real sleek look:)

  19. Natalie's cute tassel necklace - it fills in the V and can be a focal point

  20. OMG, it has to be the gloves ...... Classy and sexy at the same time ..... Well they have to come off don't they?

  21. Thanks for voting everyone, looks like we have a clear winner - well done Lisa, your gloves went down a treat!! Your outfit will be on its way very soon, enjoy! Lx


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