Mark Heyes Calls on British Women to Think Smart About Their Wardrobes

We are a nation obsessed with the latest trends; we spend £63.7 billion* on clothes collectively each year, so it should be no surprise that the average woman owns over 100 items of clothing. However, despite the bulging wardrobes and options a plenty, research by Comfort Brights fabric conditioner reveals 10% of the average woman’s wardrobe is made up of clothes they have never actually worn!
Of the clothes they do wear, women admit to wearing them a maximum of 10 times before throwing them away, with the main reason for doing this being that once they’ve washed them, they never quite look the same. Three quarters of women say if their clothes were to stay brighter and whiter no matter how many times they were worn, they would wear them again and again which is why Comfort Brights – a fabric conditioner specifically designed to help keep your colours and whites brighter and more vibrant – is on a mission to get the nation thinking smarter about their wardrobes with their ‘7 Days, 7 Ways’ campaign with leading fashion stylist Mark Heyes.
  • The average British woman owns over 100 items of clothing
  • Research shows women admit to having 10 items of clothing they have never actually worn
  • Women in the North West have the most unused items of clothing with 20% having more than 11 unused items
  • Women admit to wearing clothes a maximum of 10 times before throwing them away

Mark Heyes says: “As someone who loves fashion, I know how easy it can be to get carried away with the latest fashion trends, but I also want to inspire women to embrace versatile and stylish capsule wardrobe pieces that will stand the test of time, especially if they’re well taken care of with products like Comfort Brights.”

According to the research, half of women say they generally buy cheaper clothes but more often. However, given the chance, a whopping 77% say if they could they would choose to buy fewer, on-trend but classic, staple items of clothing that are higher quality.

Mark commented: “Capsule wardrobes are proving a real trend, with celebs and even our very own Princess showing off how many great looks you can create with a few wardrobe staples.”

Look out for Mark Heyes' Top Style Tips later in the week...

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