Maternity Clothes & Winter Coats

At 31 weeks I have finally had to give in and buy some maternity clothes.  You can only go so far with normal clothes and a bump band!  Not very stylish perhaps, but it turns out nice comfy yoga pants have become the way to go!  I absolutely loathe buying jeans at the best of times, and maternity ones, whether under or over the bump, are always a nightmare I find.  You either spend most of the day hauling both jean waistband and underwear up, or trying to get comfy when sitting down because the waistband is just in the wrong place.  Or maybe that's just me...

One thing I am always happy to buy though is a new coat.  I love all those magazine articles about the styles of the season, with a vast array of wool and cashmere laid out in a double page spread.  Fab!  Although the weather hasn't really turned yet, in fact we're back to short sleeves and summer clothes again at the moment down South, we all know winter's coming.  Predictions seem to be that it will be a cold one again too, so we all need to make like boy scouts and be prepared.

Of course this year I need a coat that will accommodate bump too, at least for November and December, and then a bigger coat will be handy for babywearing after the small arrives too.  As I was browsing those lovely coat articles and choosing my favourites, one brand kept coming up: Littlewoods.  No longer a presence on our High Streets, but very much still online, and what a great range of coats they have!

Here are a couple of my favourite women's coat designs from

Beyond both being parents, there is really going to be very little I have in common with Colleen Rooney, but boy does she give good coat!  (Well she approves the clothes designer who does anyway!)  This red Asymmetric number is rather gorgeous, and who doesn't love a red coat, there's just something about them.

It seems it's all about the colour for me this season, as this South Fit and Flare Coat with Faux Fur Collar in Teal was the next one to captivate me, plenty of bup room in there too methinks!  (Also available in black if you are not so into the colour this year!!)

Do you need/want a new coat this year?  What are you planning to buy?


  1. i always found it a nightmare finding a nice maternity coat. I ended up getting a swing style coat from Peacocks for £20 which was brilliant.


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