Review: 3M Post-Its

Men are twice as likely as women to forget their partner’s birthday...

One in ten will forget their anniversary...

An embarrassed one in five dads has even completely forgotten to pick up the kids from school!

But us women aren’t such angels either. Ladies are actually much more likely to lie if they’ve forgotten something big at work, with one in four admitting to doing this if they’re worried about getting in trouble with the boss.

And despite being such domesticated goddesses, almost a third will forget to defrost something they’re supposed to be eating for dinner.

More than half of us fill the washing machine and forget to put it on too… oops!

Luckily, 3M Super Sticky Post-it Notes have arrived to keep track of all those not-so-subtle reminders!  With their bright neon jewel colours, and super-sticky adhesive they stand out - and stand up - wherever they are put, even on vertical or hard to stick to surfaces.  So you can make sure your reminder stays put long enough for the message to sink in - hopefully!  Stick them on the computer, on the fridge, even on the front door, and they will stay right there for everyone to see, and hopefully not ignore!!

Regular readers will know I love a good bit of stationery, so these fab new Post-Its are a welcome addition to my new stationery cubby hole right by the desk.  You might also remember this post from 2012 showing our love of Post-Its in this house!  The cupboard door I love yous are still there in fact, although Poppy regularly tries her best to tear them down.  But we do tend to have lots of notes stuck up here and there on doors, the computer, the kitchen cupboards, the fridge etc etc with little reminders of this and that, so this new Post-It collection is most welcome!  (Great for Mummy-brain moments too!)

Available in a 10cm lined square (above), with bright shades of pink, purple, blue, yellow and green, perfect for shopping lists, to do lists and much more; or a 15cm x 10cm plain rectangle (below) which I'm finding is great for big black marker written reminders to husbands ;-), which are shades of pink, orange, yellow and green.  Steve also always leaves me a note in the morning if we aren't up before he leaves for work, and having them on these bright Post-Its is very cheery on a grey morning.

And they definitely do what it says on the tin packet.  The fab new enhanced adhesive holds stronger and longer to a multitude of surfaces, so in theory there are no excuses for forgetting things.  We'll see...


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