Review: Ilumi #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan

We have recently been sampling some lovely new food products from a company called Ilumi.  Their range of products are all gluten, dairy and nut free, but they're certainly not taste-free or bland like many of the 'allergy' or 'special diet' products currently available in the supermarkets.

With a team of chefs and nutritionists who are "creative and allergen-savvy: they know which ingredients are safe, and how to combine them to create delicious meals you can trust.  [With a mission] to create delicious, colourful, deeply flavoursome foods that our customers can trust, to make them accessible and convenient, and to spread the word about eating for wellness to the wider community."  Yes, this is real food intended for real people, whether they do or don't have allergies and similar health concerns.

In convenient portion sizes (either 1 or 2 people), and convenient packaging, meaning they can be stored in the cupboard and then heated in a microwave or on the hob, there is a huge range of products available.  Containing organic ingredients, with no additives or preservatives, and produced in the UK (County Durham in fact), these are ready to eat meals with a difference.  And no sign of anything unpronouncable or any ingredient you wouldn't readily find in your own kitchen cupboards.  The meals are cooked from scratch, packaged on site, and then delivered to your door - convenience, simplicity and traceability guaranteed.

Overall, we were impressed with the flavour and texture of the products - they do genuinely taste like something you might rustle up yourself.  They were great on days we came home late and wanted something quick and easy to eat, or for a fast heat-through lunch.  Not having a microwave, we just decanted the pouch or tray contents into a saucepan and heated on low for a few minutes.  Et voila, dinner was served!

We sampled:
  • Moroccan Style Vegetable Tagine
  • Tomato & Red Pepper Soup
  • Tomato & Herb Pasta Sauce
  • Vegetable & Chickpea Jalfrezi
  • Spanish Style Rice & Vegetables

The Tagine was quite fruity and perhaps not spicy enough for me, but Sophia had some and loved it.  Lara and Steve shared the Soup one evening and were both very impressed, with Lara declaring it "very tomatoey and des-lish-us".  The pasta sauce met with equal levels of approval from the girls.  My favourite though was the Spanish Style Rice and Vegetables, which was very spicy, paella-esque and yummy!  I will definitely be investing in a few trays of that to keep in store for quick working lunches when everyone else is out and about.

If you would like to try Ilumi products for yourself, just head over to their website where there are some great special offers for new customers.