Review: Yau's Oriental Sauces

We have just tried some yummy new Chinese cooking sauces from Vietnamese-born chef Bonnie Yau. Yau's Oriental Sauces have been developed for the European market and are aimed at the health-conscious consumer, being low in fat and free from preservatives and artificial ingredients, including MSG.  All the recipes have been developed from original restaurant recipes, retaining full flavour, without additives or shortcuts.

The product range includes the usual Chinese take away favourites like Black Bean and Sweet & Sour sauces, as well as the more unusual Cantonese and Kung Po sauces.

We tried the Black Bean Sauce which has a less intense flavour than some other brands, but was delicious with our tofu stir fry.  With less salt than other brands, and certainly a lot less than the take away version, plus no added oil, it has a thinner, runnier consistency than we might be used to, but when added to a stir fry and cooked through for 3 minutes, it lends a good flavour to the dish.  The girls aren't usually that keen on Black Bean Sauce, but liked this less intense version.

Steve was on his own with the Vietnamese Zum Dipping Sauce as it contains fish sauce, so is not suitable for vegetarians.  He really liked it as a dip for some vegetable tempura we made, and it would be great with spring rolls etc too.  Based on a family recipe, this deceptively simple sauce contains a combination of fish sauce, fresh garlic and chillies.  But it is only mildly spicy and tastes very fresh and light.  With virtually no oil it is low-calorie and would make a fabulous healthy salad dressing.

You can find out more about Yau's Oriental Sauces, including how and where to buy, on the website.