Skinny Jeans For Babies: One Step Too Far?

In our fashion-conscious world, it’s no longer enough to make sure you’re well dressed – you’ve also got to kit your kids out to be appropriately stylish as well. We have the likes of Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes to thank for setting the bar at a ludicrously high level when it comes to chic children’s wear, but how far is too far?

Skinny jeans for babies seem to be a bit of a stretch, in more ways than one. The idea has its famous fans, notably Kanye West and girlfriend Kim Kardashian, who reportedly sent a pair to Kate and Wills after the birth of Prince George. As much as we love Kimye, most would agree that the trendy couple have pushed the fashion envelope a little too far this time.

The ultra stylish skin-tight cut can be hard enough for us grown-ups to wiggle into, so why put your baby and yourself through the process of wrestling them on and off, particularly during potty training. It’s also hard to imagine that babies and small children will find the notoriously restrictive gear easy to move around in – and when you’ve got that much energy, you don’t want your mum’s choice of clothing to get in your way!

While older kids might appreciate the chance to show off their growing sense of style in the decade's must-have jeans, it's unlikely that babies will care about their fashion cred. Better to stick your baby in soft and flexible gear, and indulge your love of the popular style by finding a pair for yourself among this great range of skinny jeans.

With so much adorable clothing on offer for kids, we don’t need to dress them as though they’re already teenagers. Make the most of these playful and innocent years before the dreaded Goth phase takes over - think ballet slippers, cosy jumpers and colourful sneakers for smartly dressed babies without the hassle of mini skinnies.


  1. My 4 year old son wears skinny jeans, and has done for a couple of years. He has very slender legs and these suit him so much more than other jeans.
    His 2 year old brother also wears some sometimes because they look smarter. They also have less material to trip up over.

  2. You've got a point! I bought a pair of jeans for my toddler and since we can't find anything other than skinny, I can only use it on some occasions.


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