The Importance of Keeping Fit as a Mum

We all know being a Mum is one of the hardest (yet rewarding) jobs that there is. We are also aware how time consuming it is - not many mums have the time to go off to the gym for a few hours a week to keep in top form all year round. As keeping reasonably fit is necessary to even be able to cope with the physical side of being a Mum, running round after kids etc, exercise needs to be something that’s easily fit into daily life. Here’s a number of different ideas to help mums keep fit whilst not being too time consuming.

Joining a sports club is a great way to stay in shape and also a fun one too. Why not mix fitness and social together by joining a club and meeting new people? Playing sport is an enjoyable way to keep fit, especially for those people who get bored in a gym. A good way of finding out sports training tips is on sports blogs (you can read about difference sports on Youwin sports blog and pick up fitness tips.)

Why not walk your kids to school rather than use the car? Save the petrol money and enjoy the fresh air - your kids will benefit from it too! Little changes in day to day life can have a huge impact on our health. Or if the school is too far of a walk then why not make time for a family walk to the park after school? It could be turned into a regular routine and an enjoyable family experience.

Wondering what to do on the weekend that the whole family can participate in? Why not get your goggles on and take the family swimming? Spend quality time together whilst all getting a good workout without even realising it. It’s also a useful hobby to get your kids into.

For those people who enjoy working out in a gym but just don’t have the time to get down to one, why not bring the gym to your home? You can use equipment in your house to aid your workout. Use the furniture for ‘chair dips’ to work out your arms, use the comfy rug as something to lie on whilst doing crunches or even press ups. These don’t have to be time consuming and can easily fit into daily routines; a minute per different exercise would all build up and add to your fitness level. After all, it will keep you more fit than if you were to do nothing, wouldn’t it?

Keeping fit is important for all of us but especially for mums - as well as keeping themselves healthy it’s also setting an example for everyone else in the family and the kids are more likely to follow in their footsteps in living an active healthy lifestyle.