Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Weleda Chamomilla to Soothe Baby Tears

Just had to share with you this morning a lovely press release I received about an amazing product for teething, colicky or stressy babies.  Do try this before you turn to the pharmaceuticals, parents!

Pop the kettle on and sit back with a warming cup of chamomile tea. You’ll feel instantly comforted, just like the babies who are soothed by Weleda’s new look Chamomilla Granules, a natural medicine for colicky pain and teething troubles.

As well as an effective treatment for gripe and painful swollen gums, doctors and midwives also recommend calming Chamomilla for the minor tummy upsets that often accompany teething, and to generally soothe crying or fractious infants who are difficult to settle.

The herb chamomile, or Matricaria chamomilla, has been valued since antiquity for its calming, anti-inflammatory properties – the ancient Greek Hippocrates was using it as early as four hundred years BC. It’s a natural anti-spasmodic and mild sedative and for generations chamomile tea has been taken as a comforting bedtime drink.

Chamomile is also an age-old herbal aid to indigestion, to soothe a bloated stomach, trapped wind or crampy tummy pains, or simply to relax mind and body and help prepare for a good night’s sleep. Chamomile works with the body in a gentle sympathetic way that makes it an ideal ingredient for infant remedies.

The English physician Nicholas Culpeper praised chamomile in his ‘Complete Herbal’ 1826 because it “mollifieth all swellings” and “easeth all pains of the colic”. Interestingly chamomile is known as the plant’s physician because ailing garden plants recover when it is planted close to them.

Weleda have been making natural medicines since 1921, and put 90 years of expertise into growing their own chamomile flowers organically using the strictest biodynamic methods at their Derbyshire herb gardens, to ensure quality and purity. Weleda’s chamomile is guaranteed free from GM crop materials, pesticides or chemical sprays. Weleda medicines contain no synthetic ingredients, no artificial additives, sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives.

Weleda’s Chamomilla 3X Granules (rrp £7.95 15g) are easier to administer to an infant than tablets, and are easily sucked and dissolved in even the tiniest mouth. They taste pleasant and bland - the base granule is made from sucrose (unlike many lactose/wheat starch base tablets), and won’t cause problems for lactose-intolerant infants. They are gluten-free for those who may have concerns about wheat allergies. The granules come with a tiny measuring spoon for easy administration to even the smallest of babies (the recommended dose is 1 tiny spoonful every 15 minutes until the condition improves, for up to 6 doses). The granules can also be dissolved in 5ml of cooled boiled water if preferred.

Chamomilla Granules have just been Highly Commended in the ‘Janey Loves’ Platinum Awards, from natural lifestyle guru Janey Lee Grace, for Best Teething Product.

Weleda also use chamomile to make a great baby balm to soothe redness and irritation around the mouth and chin caused by all the dribbling that often accompanies teething! Weleda’s Calendula Weather Protection Cream (£7.95 30ml) protects delicate skin naturally using precious plant oils and waxes.  Read our review here.

Available from natural health stores or from the online store at or call Weleda customer care on 0115 944 8222 for mail order and stockist information.

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  1. ooh will have the invest in some! teething + chicken pox = grump baby!


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