Baby Changing Bags

Show a modern baby changing bag to an old-style nanny and she would probably laugh out loud.  All the paraphernalia we carry around with us would I suppose once upon a time have been stashed under one of those traditional big-wheeled prams, or in actual fact probably wouldn't have been deemed necessary at all.  But the advent of disposable nappies in the US from the late 1950s onward led to the need for and creation of the 'diaper bag'.

As time went on, being out and about with baby, not just to go to the local shop and back, or for a constitutional round the park, became the norm, and parents quickly decided that having a supply of nappies, a change or two of clothes, snacks, toys, blanket etc to hand was essential to make the most of this freedom.  The addition of an easily cleaned padded changing mat meant that baby could easily be changed whenever and wherever the necessity arose, with just a baby wipe to clean the mat afterwards.  (Ours have certainly seen more than their fair share of car parks, beaches and park benches!)

We've come a long way from this 1980s number!

Since then baby changing bags have become a necessity of modern parenting, permanently packed and ready by the front door (in theory anyway!), so baby's next outdoor adventure is only moments away.  Designed to fit under your buggy, hang from the handle or be slung nonchalantly over a shoulder, this must-have bag carries every portable necessity for one or more babies, especially the all-important portable changing mat.  And with a highly functional washable interior and multiple compartments for stashing all the essential stuff, you wouldn't think the outside really mattered much.  But oh how it does!

In recent years the baby changing bag has become something of a status symbol, with the ubiquitous Pink Lining bag topping many a baby shower wish list.  There are changing bags of every size, shape and design on offer, including florals, stripes, urban chic and plenty of man bags for modern dads too.

Plenty of designers have also got in on the act of late, with major names like Stella McCartney (for LeSportsac), Prada, Burberry and Louis Vutton offering their versions of the ideal baby changing bag.  Although the parenting qualifications of many of these designers may be lacking, they have done their utmost to create a non-changing bag baby bag, using denim, leather and nylon to make what might actually be 'non-diaper bags'.

This trend has filtered down to the High Street too, with even the freebies offered to new parents being more like a classic messenger bag than a traditional baby bag.  Whatever style of bag you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find it.

Me, I'm sticking with my trusty Storksak, the rather gorgeous Tania Bee in Fuschia: bright pink, capacious, stylish, hardwearing, and just plain lush!  Now I just have to make sure I have in it everything a new bub needs, as well as all the toddler stuff...

What's your changing bag of choice?


  1. There are some lovely bags shown on your post! I'm out of this phase now but I do remember our bag with all it's pockets (I kept forgetting what was where).

  2. In the early days I prefer a rucksack so I can baby wear and thrn a non-changing bag bag :-)

  3. the bags look great investing in one for my nephew and his g/f who is expecting there baby in JAN


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