Get into Her Good Books with a Personalised Christmas Present

I always think most men are really difficult to buy presents for and women really easy, but this guest post just goes to show how they think it's the other way round!  Any men looking for Christmas gift ideas out there, here are some answers for you!  Happy shopping everyone!

It’s no secret that shopping for your girlfriend is one heck of a mammoth task. There’s so much choice you’re bound to make the wrong one, she’ll cry and say you don’t care about her and you’ve ruined her Christmas, and then boom – you’re single for New Year. Not ideal.

Therefore making the right choice in those weeks leading up to the big day is essential. But thankfully for you, with a new growing trend in the world of gifts, it’s easier than ever to make your special lady happy. That growing trend is the magic of personalisation. However, there are some things you need to remember when opting for a personalised gift, i.e. you can’t just slap her name on a hairbrush and assume she’ll fall in love. But with a little effort and imagination, you will easily be able to find her a gift to show her just how much you care, even though you hide it pretty well.

When turning to man’s best friend (Google) there are loads of perfect Christmas gifts for girlfriend at, and other sites with a good focus on personalised and unusual presents. We’ve even handpicked some of our favourite ideas, with items to suit every budget. You can thank us later.

The Cute Option

We don’t quite get the whole female obsession with things that are ‘cute’, but we can pretend we do, just for one day. Things in this category can be anything from a bear with her name stitched on, photo baubles for the tree, and engraved heart-shaped key rings. Personalised prints are also a good way to go for something a little different, but equally romantic. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, go for a big canvas print (but dear god make sure it’s a photo that she likes).

The Useful Option

And this doesn’t have to also translate to ‘the boring option’. In fact, giving your girlfriend a gift she can actually use will show her you understand what things would make her life easier. Think about personalised address books and diaries, photo calendars and even personalised kitchenware.

The Christmas-y Option

Choosing something festive is always a safe choice, and can be really sentimental too, especially if it’s your first Christmas together. With about a million and one useless things on the market today with a reindeer shoved on the front of it, it can be hard to distinguish between the rubbish stuff and the actually decent presents. Go for a personalised hot water bottle or ‘hottie’ (something you put in the microwave to warm up on those cold days), engraved Christmas tree decorations or if you’re feeling particularly brave, a scarf set.

The Girlie Option

For automatic brownie points, appeal to her girlie side with a beauty-inspired gift. To differentiate it from anything you could have picked up at the local chemist, wrap it with something personalised, like an engraved compact mirror or makeup brush set. Or if jewellery is more her thing but you wouldn’t have a clue where to start, choose an engraved jewellery or trinket box.


  1. personalised gifts are lovely, so much more thoughful


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