Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hallowe'en Pizzas with Cheestrings

We don't really go in for the whole Hallowe'en thing here at Attachment Towers, preferring the more British tradition of persecuting poor old Guido Fawkes each year!  But the girls did want to take up the challenge from Cheestrings to make some spooky-inspired pizzas - when we could wrestle the Cheestrings out of Sophia's hands anyway...

The girls are going through a phase of only want cheese and tomato sauce on their pizzas, so our recipe was perhaps a little uninspiring to those preferring a more exciting variety of pizza toppings, but they were happy.

First of all we cut out some spooky shapes for the mini pizzas from a larger pizza base, with cute little ghosts, cats and pumpkins soon filling up the baking tray.

We then mixed up some tomato puree with a bit of ketchup to make a tomato sauce topping which wasn't too strong or too sweet.  After watching how it was done, Sophia soon got stuck in alongside big sister.

Next came the Cheese & Tomato Cheestrings to go on the top, which Steve frantically tried to slice up thinly, but between Sophia eating handfuls and Lara being desperate to get it on the mini pizzas, that proved a rather vain task!  In the end the cheese went on a little lumpily, butt all of the shapes got covered, which was the main thing!  (Arguing over Cheestrings with a 3 year old whilst a 1 year old gobbles as much and as quickly as possible not compulsory!!)

 But all's well as ends well, and the finished result of mini Hallowe'en pizzas with salad and peas went down very well indeed!  Yum!

Cheestrings are available in all supermarkets, in Original, and now new Cheese & Tomato and Cheeese & Onion flavours.

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