Kids' Footwear for Winter

Now this is going to be controversial, but I really do love the winter. Yes, I know – what is there to love about gale-force winds, endless downpours and icy conditions? But it’s is a small price to pay for picturesque frosted landscapes, cosy nights in and family fun in the snow.

There is one thing I don’t like about winter though – the expense. I remember last year; no sooner had I bought the kids their new shoes they were marked and stained by the snow. This year, however, I am wise to the winter’s wicked ways so I will be investing in some practical shoes for my little ones that will last longer than a week or two!

Kids' shoes can be expensive at the best of times, so finding a decent pair of winter boots that doesn't empty my bank account is a difficult task. I've been looking online to try and save some cash and I was surprised at what I found.

Now normally, I would write off these big discount stores as selling out-dated and poor quality shoes. However, this is not the case with Brantano. Their range includes some of the best known brands and of-the-moment trends – I even had to stop myself from adding stuff for me to the basket!

No matter the season, kids love getting messy and splashing around. Letting your little ones jump around in a muddy puddle in insubstantial footwear is a recipe for disaster, resulting in soggy feet and ruined shoes. That’s why wellingtons should be a staple in your child’s wardrobe; with them, they can splash and play till their heart’s content.

I was impressed by Brantano’s selection of wellington boots. Boring green wellies are a thing of the past with their collection of character wellies. The Peppa Pig flower ones are a hit with Sophia, whereas Lara has her eye on a Hello Kitty number. They’re sure to brighten up even the dullest winter days.

When it’s not raining though, my kids need a pair of cosy winter boots. I really like the range of Clarks boots, as I know that I’ll be getting quality from such an iconic British brand. The only problem is there’s so much choice – the girls and I can’t decide which ones are our favourites; maybe we should buy them all?  I don’t think Steve will agree!


  1. Don't show these pink Peppa wellies to my son, he would want them. he doesn't discriminate against the pink, lol

  2. Those Clarks boots look so cosy!! I love the purple ones x

  3. I just love the brown boots with the owl - gorgeous!


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