Review: Aveeno Emollient Range of Skincare

With three out of four of us being prone to eczema, particularly during the colder winter months, we were very keen to try out the Aveeno range of emollient skincare products.  The products are formulated with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal to actively moisturise dry and sensitive skin, and regular use helps to prevent the dryness and irritation caused by skin dehydration.

Aveeno Lotion naturally moisturises dry and easily irritated skin for 24 hours, while providing a prolonged soothing action.  Leaves skin softer and more supple.  It has a good texture for a lotion, being somewhat thicker than a lot of commercial ones, but still covers larger expanses of skin, e.g. legs, fast and absorbs rapidly.  It definitely lasts 24 hours, with no feeling of tightness returning.  But because it absorbs so rapidly, you can get dressed immediately too.

Aveeno Bath & Shower Oil contains softening oils  as well as the Colloidal Oatmeal and thoroughly cleanses, moisturises and conditions dry and sensitive skin.  Steve has been using it in the shower and noticed a considerable improvement in his skin, without any further moisturisation.  I have been indulging in baths which leave my skin soft and smooth, ready to benefit even further from the Aveeno Lotion.  A fantastic showering or bathing product for winter.

Aveeno Cream is a thicker consistency and feels instantly hydrating on drier skin.  It absorbs quickly and easily and smells nice too.  The perfect after-bath treat during colder, windier weather and a great way to combat the drying effects of central heating.

I would thoroughly recommened investing in the Aveeno range for the winter months, great value skincare which offers excellent results.

Aveeno products are available from Boots and other pharmacies.


  1. I have used Aveeno and found it good. I like to liberally put some on my hands and put cotton gloves on. overnight. Saves my hands drying out and has helped heal cracks.

  2. I have never heard of this brand, will be looking out for it in boots


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