Review: Christmas Stockings from Funky Giraffe

If you are looking for a new Christmas stocking, whether it is your first Christmas or your 50th, look no further!

Our new baby may not be here yet, but it's Christmas presents are coming thick and fast.  And where better to put them than in this gorgeous 1st Christmas stocking from Funky Giraffe?

We had such an ordeal finding an attractive, good quality stocking for Sophia last year, finding so many of them poorly designed (i.e. too small to hold much), of poor quality, or worst of all just plain tacky, novelty type things.  So I am very relieved to have baby's stocking in the bag, as it were, nice and early.

This stocking is well made, beautifully soft, and thickly padded so that it feels really luxurious.  The stitching is also very well done and feels tight and robust, certainly able to take small people mauling it about year after year as is their wont!  I particularly like the cute bobble decoration around the top of the stocking.

Unlike many, the stocking is a great size, and will certainly hold all the necessary little gifts for baby, plus it is roomy and accessible all the way down the leg and into the toe, which sits at a good angle for placing larger items in.  The hanging loop feels strong and robust too, and is very sweet with sparkly gold thread on the ribbon.  This stocking is certainly going to be special for baby's first Christmas, and beyond...

The Funky Giraffe stockings come in three designs: 1st Christmas, Christmas Tree and Snowflake, so would be suitable for a child - or indeed an adult - of any age.  They retail at just £8 including P&P, which is fantastic value for money, via the Funky Giraffe website, and can also be personalised for just £2 extra.

Highly recommended!


  1. £8 is a pretty good price. It's nice it's of a good size. Nothing worse that a small stocking you can't fit anything in.

  2. What a lucky baby, gifts and Christmas gifts. Though he / she was yet to arrive.
    People do tend to be very kind when a new baby is due, and on baby's arrival.
    Wish the British culture could / would be so joyous and caring / giving to other generations also. That is what Christmas is really about is it not? ' Peace and Goodwill to ALL men'

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Rachel Craig


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