Review: Pandora Essence Collection

Fine jewellery brand Pandora are launching their much-anticipated new collection on Monday 4th November: The Essence Collection.  The collection features a beautiful, slender sterling silver bracelet with an accompanying assortment of 24 hand-finished individual charms formed from precious metals and symbolic stones available.  I have been coveting Pandora jewellery for a long time, so am very excited to be able to tell you about the new range.

The 24 charms each represent a personal inner value, enabling women to express their personal values and beliefs.  The charms' values were chosen after conducting extensive research with the help of thousands of women across the globe.  The values that matter most to women in today's world are each represented, including Freedom, Hope, Compassion, Courage, Joy, and many more.  (See below for the full list.)

Pandora's Chief Creative Officer, Stephen Fairchild, explains:

“The new dimension in the PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION is that we’re focusing on the meanings and values in life, and I think this adds a whole new dimension to the bracelet and charm category for the brand.  Now women can not only tell their unforgettable moments in life with their bracelet, they can also express their inner values. It’s been an amazing journey to develop the PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION and I can’t wait to get our new concept out to women around the world.”

The slender sterling silver Pandora Essence Collection bracelet features the signature Pandora lock and is the perfect backdrop for the collection’s expressive and ornamental charms.  Charms slide and secure onto the bracelet thanks to a new patent-pending innovative solution based on a flexible silicone grip built inside the sterling silver core of each charm.  This enables each of us to control the styling and expression achieved through our bracelets, inspiring individuality.

Each uniquely customised bracelet will help to confer the individual's answers to the eternal questions of: Where do I come from? Who am I? Where am I going? as women search for life's meanings.  By making our own unique individual choices from the Essence Collection, we can seek to show the world just who we are.

I was beyond delighted to receive my bracelet in this morning's post - jumping up and down and squealing may have been involved - complete with a faceted sterling silver RESPECT charm.  Now I just have to choose which other charms to put on it...  The delicate rope bracelet is light and beautiful to wear, and has already attracted enquiries from neighbours and several people in Sainsbury's!  the beautiful faceted Respect charm reflects the light and is delightfully tactile for Sophia to play with as I wear it.  Steve has already been instructed that a new charm will be required in my Christmas stocking ;-)

Which would you choose?

The full range of charms includes:

A delicate openwork lace pattern, enhanced with oxidation, symbolises freedom and the many routes we can take in life.

Sterling silver inspired by organic shapes with a natural and shiny look conveys a deep sense of health.

The rich ultramarine colour of the lapis lazuli, with links to the sky, has a reputation of promoting
peace. The peacefulness of a night sky with small twinkling stars is reflected in the faceted surface.

Milky quartz is believed to encourage hope and let the wearer experience the world through the innocent eyes of a child. A stylish, clean white gem.

A field of glittery stones, pavé set in a beautiful harmonious wave, captures the feeling of happiness.

A gift of smoky quartz is a symbol of compassion. The warm and comforting earthy expression is a beautiful contrast to hand polished facets.

Shimmering groups of stones bound together by fine lines show the bonds of trust between partners, family and friends.

122 dazzling stones, each set by hand in channels of sterling silver, portray a novel and strong look celebrating feminine confidence.

Amethyst is always closely linked to faith. Its royal purple colour and polished surface is a feminine fashion statement.

An encircling line of stones expresses the shining importance of stability in life.

Orange-red gems are the gems of energy; carnelian is known to bring motivation. The flaming orange hue of the smoothly polished gemstone adds a dramatic splash of colour.

Highly valued throughout history, the eye-catching, rich and fiery colour of red stone is associated with fervent passion and passionate romance.

Rose pink moonstone, with associations of love, inspires a sense of tender and caring feelings. Its delicate and romantic pink colour has a highly decorative mottled surface.

In history, hematite would bring courage in struggles. In a faceted cut, its metallic lustre conveys a stylish look.

Magnesite is said to be calming and relaxing, encouraging a positive spirit. The marble- like pattern on the smooth surface of the gem makes each charm truly unique.

Grey moonstone is the stone of balance and reflection. The elegant grey colour and smooth surface profiles a timeless look.

Tiny diamond pointed grains of wisdom, gathered on the journey of life. The surface is reminiscent of the bark of a tree, symbolising the wisdom of nature.

The pattern of Mandala is an ancient symbol of meditation, wellness, and deep awareness of the world around us.

A faceted sterling silver surface symbolises the many faces of respect – for yourself and for others.

Sparkling cubic zirconia individually set in sterling silver, for all the many different kinds of joy to be found in the world.

Noted for attracting success and wealth, the aventurine gemstone is the embodiment of prosperity in all life’s facets. The striking green colour adds rich vibrancy to the creation.

The cool and tranquil aquamarine gem is said to have a soothing influence on relationships, promoting loyalty and encouraging a long and happy partnership or friendship.

Pure smooth beauty, a mirror like sterling silver surface as an honest reflection of the world around it.

The bold black colour of spinel conveys a feeling of strength. Black is always in fashion and the charm emits an air of sophisticated elegance.

Pandora has been making its mark in the international fine jewellery industry, and is world-renowned for its high-quality, hand finished design.  The company was founded in 1982 in Denmark where the headquarter is still based in Copenhagen.

The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION will be launching in concept stores from next Monday - November 4th, with prices from £25.

Shop online at the PANDORA eSTORE

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