Review: Tickety Toc Building Blocks

Here's another fantastic gift idea for any little Tickety Toc fans out there, a tub full of 50 wooden building blocks which you can assemble to create the madcap land of Tickety Toc and have fun with your own chime time!

Whilst the younger children may need some help assembling the set (it is suitable from age 3), older children will be keen to put it together themselves jigsaw-style from the picture on the tub.  Nearly 4 year old Lara certainly made Daddy take a back seat in assembling the world of Tickety Toc!

We really liked the idea of having a wooden play set, which would be compatible with their other wooden blocks and wooden train set, so that the girls can re-create their own Tickety Toc style stories.  The character blocks are very sweet too, and Sophia played a little game with them whilst Lara was putting the clock tower parts together.  The only part Lara really needed some help with was the sand timer, which proved a little tricky to balance.

The blocks have been out in their entirety several times now, and elements of the clock house have also been used alongside the train set, as predicted.  This wooden block set is a really fun idea, and would make a great gift for any Tickety Toc fan.  It would also no doubt be a welcome respite from the sea of plastic under the Christmas tree!

The robust tub the pieces come in is very useful and tucks away nicely in the toy box.  The Tickety Toc Wooden Building Blocks are available online from Amazon, RRP £19.99.

A special Christmas episode of Tickety Toc is premiering on Nick Junior at 12.30pm on Saturday 30th November, it's going to be a corker!


  1. these look so adorable, I love how they add the characters to the blocks. Plus they seem quite a bit different compared to other blocks on the market :)


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