Sponsored Video: Unilever Project Sunlight #brightfuture

We are now counting the days until baby number three arrives, and of course like all expectant parents, whether it is your first or your fifteenth child, you have thoughts about what the future might hold, whether the baby will be healthy, how it will grow and develop, what kind of world it will see.

 I have largely given up watching the news in recent months, as everything is no negative all the time, and very often people feel disempowered to bring about change, but it is of course through the little things we do, the recycling, the turning off of lights, leaving the car at home, the giving of time and money to charity, through the little every day acts that we can make a difference.

The world is not a big, bad scary place, it is a community and we all share the same hopes and fears about the future of our world and our children.  By pulling closer together, all taking the trouble to face a brighter future, and helping bring it about through those small acts, we can really make a change.  Living on this Earth of ours is sustainable, we just have to choose - and change - to make it so.

Why bring a child into this world? this video asks, well because there has never been a better time to create a brighter future, a future which all of our children across the world can share.  Unilever Project Sunlight launches today, with the belief that there will soon be a world where no child goes to bed hungry; where every home has enough water to drink, wash and clean; where preventable diseases are prevented by eradicating poverty and improving sanitation; and where every child lives past their fifth birthday.

No-one has all the answers, but change IS happening.  Join this journey.  This is Universal Children's Day.  Take action to make a difference at projectsunlight.co.uk today.

You can join in the conversation using #brightfuture on Twitter.

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