Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Entertainer Christmas Shop Has Launched!

Up and down the land, aunts, uncles, grandparents and Godparents will be facing up to the challenge that is buying Christmas presents for small people they don't get to play with often enough.  Possibly with either older children or no children of their own, panic will set in.  They will be racking their brains for knowledge of said small people; they will be quizzing the parents; they will be scouring the media to discover just what is the must-have toy for Christmas 2013.  Panic buying may set in, with a Barbie for a 1 year old and wooden blocks for an 8 year old.  Santa will despair!

But fret no more desperate adults, for The Entertainer Christmas shop is here to answer all your present buying dilemmas.  Their innovative new Santa Selector is just the thing for you, to ensure that you buy the perfect present and enter the hallowed halls of 'favourite aunt/Godfather/grandparent' (delete as appropriate).  Oh yes my friend, with just a tiny bit of knowledge of your intended recipient, success will be yours!

Santa makes it easy - is it a main present or a stocking filler?  What are the child's interests?  Do you want the latest must-have or a traditional gift, even perhaps something a little bit different?  And finally, what age are they?  Armed with just these few pieces of information, or even just one or two of them, you will be able to magic up a list of perfect presents for every boy and girl on your list.  Santa will be so proud!

I popped in Lara and Sophia's details to test the system out, and it came with just the things which are top of their lists - perfect!  With everything from Lego and Brio to Sylvanian Families, Lalaloopsy and Peppa Pig, every child's needs will be covered, not to mention the vast array of gadgets, games and action figures on offer.

Lara's must-have: The Lalaloopsy Sew Sweet Playhouse, just £29.99
Sophia's desperate for the 'Ba Bor' Interactive with bath tub,
just £31.99, the best price I've found!

You can also search The Entertainer Christmas shop by toy type, brand and best sellers, not to mention just having a browse of the Top 20 Toys, Stocking Fillers and Star Buys with up to 50% off!

Don't miss the Early Bird Savings area too, which has an amazing saving of up to 50% off - the early bird catches the worm savings!!

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