Tree Fu Tom Christmas Gift Guide

If you are buying for a Tree Fu Tom fan this Christmas, you are going to be spoilt for choice!  With a huge range of products available, from figures and play sets to books and jigsaws, even backpacks and play tents, there are Tom goodies everywhere!  Here are a few of our favourites:

The Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Playset
Wind up the Super Lifto lift or light up the Seeking Crystal to find where the Mushas have splattered the castle with slime!
Includes Tom figure and leaf board, RRP £29.99

Figures and Deluxe Figures
A wide range available, including new Puffy and Stink duo. The Deluxe Figures come with some super cool accessories too!
RRP £4.99 and £7.99 respectively.

The Magic Moves Rap Mat helps with the laudable aim of Tree Fu Tom's moves, to help children with co-ordination issues and dyspraxia, and encourages your child to 'do the moves that turn the magic powers on' on this electronic dance mat. Great fun too! RRP £24.99

Tree Fu Tom Annual 2014
A must for every child at Christmas is at least one annual under the tree, and this fab offering won't disappoint. Packed full of stories, games, puzzles and activities with all the Treetopolis friends. RRP £7.99

Tree Fu Tom Backpack
Finally, how about a special Tree Fu Tom backpack for every fan to carry their things around in? In several different designs, they are sure to please every little TFT-er! RRP from £8

Happy shopping everyone!


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