Book Review: Dick Bruna’s 'Christmas' Book Marks 50 Years with Golden Anniversary Edition

Miffy's creator, Dick Bruna published his 'Christmas' book is 50 years old this year, and it remains a worldwide best-seller. To mark the 50th anniversary, the book has been re-printed with a beautiful gold and white cover, with angel ribbon bookmark - a real collector's item!

First published in 1963, Dick Bruna’s wonderful Christmas book has been much-loved by generations of children.  Featuring his customary, deceptively simple, style, the book tells the nativity story in a beautiful melody of words and pictures.

Featuring a new exquisite gold and white cover, the 50th anniversary edition makes a delightful keepsake or gift to be treasured.  We love the integral gold ribbon with cut-out Bruna angel attached, just lovely.  Simon & Schuster, £10.00

Bruna’s trademark bold, striking illustrations betray his background in graphic design, and at the age of 87 he has now published 124 titles, 32 of them being Miffy books, and in more than 50 languages.  In February 2014, Simon & Schuster will be re-launching the Miffy line with new translations of Dick Bruna’s rhyming texts by award-winning poet, Tony Mitton.  New sticker and activity books will also be published alongside the classic story books.