Christmas at Asda

With only a few days to go, there is still time to head out to your local supermarket for some last minute necessities - and treats!  Asda has a fantastic Christmas range this year, with everything from decorations for the tree to the essential (definitely an essential in our house anyway!) Christmas morning Champers!

We have been sent a lovely selection of Christmas treats from Asda to enjoy, and the girls were delighted to add the lovely new decorations to our tree, with the delicate little crocheted angel being a huge hit.  Unfortunately mean old Mummy won't let Lara play with her in her dolls house though.  Sophia is very taken with the teeny little felt hat and mitten, and has been trying to put them on her new sister rather than the Christmas tree!  Very cute.

If you are looking for any little stocking fillers, Asda is definitely the place to go with some great value additions to grace any discerning stocking.  These pear drops are a little treat for me to keep on my desk when working, and the girls have taken no time at all in demolishing the huge chocolate jazzie - everyone of a certain age will remember those from the penny sweet stand - a real trip down memory lane, and now available in this huge version!

Speaking of stocking fillers, these super cute magnetic pegs and dear little kokeshi hand warmers are great value and just the kind of sweet little thing any girlie would like to find in their stocking on Christmas morning.

And of course, smellies are always a welcome gift and at these great Asda prices you can certainly afford to pop one in your basket for someone special.

In terms of groceries, how about a beautifully balanced, pale gold fine Champagne for just £10?  Yes, the IWSC Silver award-winning Pierre Darcys Champagne Brut is down from £24.25 to just £10!  A lovely, easy to drink Champagne that would make an ideal accompaniment to canapes or smoked salmon before the main event.

And what about an extra special breakfast treat in the shape of these adorable star-shaped Christmas Wish Waffles?  Very cute and super sweet and tasty, a HUGE hit with our girls, and perfect with some mixed berries and a drizzle of maple syrup for a special breakfast.

Best of all are the Chosen By You Mince Pies, which have the shortest, sweetest pastry we have found, and a nice fruity but not too strong filling.  Steve is a huge mince pie fan, so we tend to try a number of different varieties each year, as well as whipping up our own, and so far these are the best we've tried - delicious!  At just £1 for a box of 6 we will be stocking up to tide us well into the new year!

You can find out more about all the Asda Christmas range here.