Review: Bloom & Wild Flowers

Of course, one should never complain about receiving flowers, but I have been the recipient of some rather lacklustre 'flowers by post' before.  You know the kind, an over-reliance on the poor much-maligned carnation, slightly wilted even as they emerge from the uninspiring box, and lasting a couple of days at best.  Well, prepare to meet the future of 'flowers by post': Bloom & Wild.

'Designed with love to fit through your letterbox' and 'Flower delivery, re-imagined' go their straplines, and how truth both are!  First of all decide whether you would like a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription, or just a one-off gift; then the flowers are cut to order and delivered to you in perfect condition, with the intention that they should easily last a week or more.  Perfect!

When I first read about the company, I thought what a fantastic idea, especially with bouquets starting at just £13.95!  Our flowers arrived in an attractive brown box with glossy black company insignia, and got a big "Ooh!" upon opening, with the presentation of the flowers and the contrasting pink bow making a great first impression.

Bloom & Wild Flowers last longer because they have been picked and then despatched immediately to the customer, carefully packaged with protective netting for the flower heads.  The lack of warehousing and then shelf life, as you would get in the supermarket or the florist's, means that they have a long life in your vase.

The flowers come with a detailed guide which explains which flowers are which, and gives you instructions on how to display them to their best advantage.  I was very impressed too that there was a warning to keep the flowers away from pets, with a specific warning about the dangers of lilies and cats.  Great advice for anyone who may not know.

The lilies arrived closed, but the other flowers were all in bloom, and created a very attractive display.

After seven days half of the lilies had opened, issuing their beautiful scent.  the rest of the bouquet was doing very well too:

Even after two weeks, the whole lot was still going strong:

This is quite frankly astounding: a great value for money service, beautiful flowers direct to your door, and flowers that last and last and last!  Very, very impressive and highly recommended for any last minute Christmas gifts you may be searching for - or indeed for any time of year.