Review: GreenVale Farm Fresh Potatoes

There's a new breed of potato on the block, a great all rounder packed - controversial idea! - in an old-style paper sack.  Yes, you read that right, no more sweaty plastic wrapped potatoes!!  GreenVale Farm Fresh Potatoes are available nationwide from Tesco and Booths stores, RRP c.£2.50 for a 2kg bag.

Marketed as 'tasty, all rounder potatoes' they use a variety off potato called Jelly, which  variety have a 'creamy buttery taste, a lovely yellow flesh'.  Being an all-rounder they are great for boiling, roasting, baking, mashing and even for making chips, in fact all your family potato needs!

The return of a proper paper potato sack to the supermarket shelves is a very welcome sight, and a far more environmentally friendly  way of packaging, not to mention being better at keeping your potatoes fresher for longer.

We tried the potatoes last month, indulging in lovely, warming jackets one cold night, served with the classic cheese and baked beans - my children are traditionalists!  We were all amazed by how crispy the potato skins turned out, with both Lara and Sophia declaring the crispy skins "yummy!"  We all really liked the fluffy insides too.  Plus these medium-sized potatoes are a great size for children.

The second recipe I tried was my version of a Russian salad, although I guarantee it isn't a patch on the authentic Olivier and Vinegret recipes!  My salad involved boiled potatoes, radishes, cucumber, spring onions, mayonnaise, and lots and lots of dill.  Very tasty it was too!  The GreenVale Farm Fresh potatoes when boiled and cooled are slightly floury and the edges break down just enough in the salad, a great texture for a potato salad.  You can see their fab golden colour here too:

A very non-authentic Russian salad!

These are indeed a great all-rounder potato, and at a great price.

I think I'm going to try this rather delicious-sounding Spicy Nacho Wedges recipe next...


  1. My fave food in the whole world are potatoes done anyhow!! I must check them out have a few potato dishes I want to do for my blog and these look good.

  2. It might not be an Olivier or Vinegret (which must have beets) but it looks good, and I can easily see it eating on a dacha veranda in summer. Thank you for linking up! mwah!
    I love potatoes, will happily eat them every day.


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