Review: Zalando Children's Clothes

Both our girls are what may be described as 'petite' and have always been a size or three behind where they 'should' be according to age.  Despite being nearly 4, Lara has only recently moved into age 3-4 clothes, so a whole new autumn/winter wardrobe was required.

To further complicate things, she accompanied this move with the announcement that she would no longer be wearing trousers or leggings, only skirts and dresses with tights; and only nightdresses, no pyjamas.  Oh, and for good measure, these clothes could only be chosen by her and had to meet very specific (but unspoken!) criteria.  Oh my!!!!

Thankfully, the day after this declaration an e-mail landed fortuitously in my inbox : would we like to try the children's clothes on the website Zalando?  I must admit that I hadn't heard of Zalando before, but a quick browse of the site showed so many gorgeous children's clothes that I said yes please immediately, especially in light of Lara's recent announcements!  The clothes offered are from a variety of brands, from inexpensive items to designer brands.

Lara was quite happy to sit with me and browse the site, picking out her favourite things with ease.  She chose a rather lovely Hello Kitty nightie first of all, from Benetton.  Finding 100% cotton nighties is very difficult, so I was pleased to see this one.  When it arrived it was excellent quality as well as looking very sweet on.  Lara loves it!  I think Sophia has her eye on this one for when she's older too!


Lara's second choice was the gorgeous Nasha multi-print needlecord skirt from me Too.  Full of bright colours, ruffles, ribbons and flowers, this skirt goes with so many different coloured tops and looks lovely on.  Plus it has been through the wash a number of times now and just seems to come up perfect again every time.  A great investment for a busy little girl!


Our absolute favourite item though is this gorgeous Catimini jumper dress.  It is such a gorgeous bright colour, and the mouse motif is so cute, it just makes us all smile when Lara puts it on, and she has had so many compliments and enquiries about it.  Again, wonderful quality, beautifully-made, and it washes up fantastically well.  This dress is no sooner worn and washed than Lara is asking to wear it again, she adores it!

 I am not usually over-keen on buying clothes online as the sizing can be so hit and miss, but found the sizing of all the items we bought was perfect for Lara.  My only criticism would be that the sizes from some brands/designers are different to others, so one item might be called 3-4 years and another 4 years, so do check the actual lengths and measurements stated too.  Of course, this is down to the manufacturers rather than Zalando, but a more consistent sizing policy would be helpful.  Although, as I have said, we were lucky with all the items we chose.

Ordering was quick and easy, with free delivery and free returns, which is always reassuring when ordering online.  Delivery was fast and efficient, with regular e-mail updates regarding timings etc.  All in all an excellent service.

Looking round the rest of the site, I was very impressed with the huge range that Zalando offer, with women's and men's clothing as well as kids', plus a great range of homeware for every room of the house.


  1. WOW didn't realise they sold children's clothes! Will take a look thanks!


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