The Beano 1938-2013 - 75 Years of Laughter!

Incredibly the Beano, Britain's best-selling comic, is celebrating its 75th birthday this year.  Yes, Dennis the Menace and friends are an amazing 75 years young!

For many boys, young and not so young, (and plenty of girls too, of course!) the Beano Annual is a ubiquitous part of Christmas, and this year's offering will certainly not disappoint.  Full of the usual favourites, including Dennis and Gnasher, The Bash Street Kids, Roger the Dodger and Minnie the Minx, this is indeed the perfect gift for menaces of all ages!

This is the first time Lara has come across the crazy, zany world of comic books and although she was a bit confused by the idea at first, she soon settled down to read some of the comic strip stories with us.  I noticed that some aspects of the old Wham! Bash! world have calmed down a little bit, but there is still enough Kapow! and Slam! to keep small people entertained, just with perhaps a little less violence than I remember!

It's lovely to see the same traditional characters still featured for a new generation, and amazingly none of them are showing signs of age.

As the back of the annual says:

"The Beano comic has entertained kids of all ages since it launched on July 30, 1938.
75 years old and  and STILL jumping with jokes, loaded with laughs and packed with pranks!"

I always loved Billy Whizz myself, although I'm sure my feminist credentials owe some small debt to Minnie the Minx!  So it was great to see Billy still whizzing through the pages with his weird hairdo and speedy feet.

"Dennis STILL menaces, Minnie STILL minxes and Roger STILL dodges.
That's why everyone we know STILL loves The Beano.
So, jump on the Number 75 bus to Beanotown and let the good times roll..."

The 2014 Beano Annual is available now from all good retailers, priced at £7.99.


  1. Looks great and brings back many lovey childhood memories. My four aren't really interested in the Beano though!

  2. I ended up buying this for myself and guess what - my kids are all fascinated and are reading it too! I think they are fascinated knowing I used to read it when I was a little girl (they cannot seem to imagine me as a little girl lol!)


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