Review: Yu! Snacks

We have been sent a selection of products from the Yu! Healthy Snacks range to review, and they have gone down very well!  Originally designed as healthy snacks for children, and a great addition to that lunchtime box, they are popular with adults too, and I will certainly be carrying a few packets in my handbag for those energy dip moments.  Made from real fruit, they are the perfect solution to 'healthy snacking on the go'.

The Fruit Chews are a great alternative to sugar and additive-laden chewy sweets, and are just little bite-sized pieces of Strawberry, Blueberry or Mango.  Each packet provides one of your 5 a day, and they are now a great favourite of Sophia's.  But I must admit to pinching one or two myself...  Yummy!

The little pieces of Strawberry-flavour Granola covered in yogurt are yummy too, and make a great snack at any time of day, but my favourite are the yogurt-covered Yu-Bars in Wild Berry and Strawberry flavour.  Containing fruit (40%)  and cereal in a healthy yogurt coating, they are both delicious, and go very well with a mid-morning or mid-afternoon cup of tea.  Yum!