Tesco Baby Event January-February 2014

The Tesco Baby Event is currently running in store and online, and as usual we were first in line to pick up some of their fantastic bargains!  With offers on everything you could possibly need for baby or toddler, from wipes and 'sposies to toys, clothing and pushchairs.  Before Tatiana arrived, being number three we assumed we already had everything we needed, but as we have found you can never have enough 'baby stuff', so there has been much online clicking here!  And of course, there are always more super-cute must-have clothes and toys...

There are of course some things which will need replacing, almost all of our baby feeding products for example.  After two very keen previous users, there will definitely need to be a spree of buying when we approach the six month stage.  I always wonder why some people fear the weaning stage, it's great fun!  We have always taken a 100% baby-led weaning approach, and it has served us all well, but it is always reassuring to have a resource such as the Tesco baby nutrition guidelines to turn to.  They also have lots of hints, advice and food ideas from baby feeding guru Annabel Karmel.

Lara showing how it's done!
10 months old

Whether you stick with the popular puree approach so beloved of the past century or so, or opt for baby-led weaning, guidance on giving your baby and then growing toddler a healthy baby diet is vital. Thank goodness too that Tesco are keeping up to date with all the changing guidance and beliefs that come through.  It is nigh on impossible for us mere mortals to keep up with the ever-changing ideas!

So if you are after some bargain buys, or some advice on what to feed your growing bub, head over to Tesco.com.  And while you're there, why not enter the Tesco Baby competition to win a family holiday to Disney World Florida.  Simple entry and you have until 3rd February to do so.  Good luck!

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