Britain's Best Blanket Fort Competition

There are some rainy day activities we all fondly remember from childhood: making collages; creating domino mazes and marble runs; and building blanket forts.  The Furniture Market are currently running a competition to see who can create the best blanket fort in Britain.  Have a go and you might win a £100 of Love2Shop vouchers!

Lara and Sophia have a couple of play tents, but nothing beats building your own fort and they love getting together to construct their best possible tent.  In the past couple of years they have really honed their techniques and used drawers to secure the corners or edges of blankets; clothes pegs to secure blankets together; and even worked out the best things to take into their den with them.  Namely cushions to lounge on, a torch to play with, and teddies to snuggle - oh, and not forgetting some yummy snacks!

Lara with a recent creation

Fort-building is the perfect activity for rainy days, which we have had an awful lot of recently, so the girls have been building tents and forts at least twice a week.  Here's one of the recent creations which was like a Bedouin tent inside, and lasted all day with Lara and Sophia popping in and out with toys and snacks, they even had their lunch and then an afternoon nap in there!

This fort was particularly successful because it was built over their car mat, apparently driving cars round the roads by torchlight is hysterical fun!  After the car fun had finished, the girls declared various areas their front garden, hallway and kitchen, and then invited our giant stuffed tiger in to play The Tiger Who Came to Tea.  Even Mummy was allowed in - with snacks of course!

Building blanket forts encourages co-operation, develops strategic skills and planning, and best of all uses the children's imagination.  The perfect all round activity for all ages.  And whether your fort becomes a pirate ship, a princess's castle, or just a cottage in the woods like ours, you and the children are sure to have great fun building your fort.  Just be sure to photograph your fort and use the hashtag #blanketfortcomp and share it on social media for The Furniture Market to see.

You can find full details of the competition here.

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