How Much Sleep Does a Child Need?

Our children have always in effect chosen their own bedtime, sleeping when they are tired and waking when they have had enough rest.  But in the past couple of months they have been waking up a lot earlier than they used to, around 7.30/8am rather than 9-10am, but not wanting to go to sleep any earlier than they used to.  So we have found ourselves needing to encourage earlier sleep with wind down time and gentle sleep practices etc, and have been largely successful.  I was therefore rather reassured by this infographic which shows how much sleep children actually need at different ages.

Although I think Sophia defies the statistics as she seems to have existed perfectly well on about 11 hours since she was 18 months old!  How do your children fare with sleep?

Statistics compiled by Carpetright. View their range of children's beds.


  1. Fascinating! My lil sis was pretty much the same and always got grumpy when she didn't get enough sleep.


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