Saturday, 1 February 2014

Let's Save Some Money This February!

Join the Great British Budget ChallengeWell January went darn fast, didn't it?!  Here we are into February, and hopefully all your new year plans and resolutions haven't fallen by the wayside.  Every year on January 1st the nation joins the gym, plans a new diet, goal sets, and budget plans, but unfortunately a lot of our lofty ambitions have been forgotten after a couple of weeks.

In our house the kitchen cupboards are adorned with plans, lists, schedules and budgets for the year ahead, and we are thus far managing to stick to them - mostly!  The budgeting part is the most difficult, and a very quiet month for me work-wise hasn't helped.  We have two major financial goals in mind at the moment: to buy a new car, and to move to a new home.  But so far any plans to start saving towards these have come to naught.  But The Great British Budget is coming to our rescue.

As most of the country gazes at a wage slip in one hand and a credit card bill (or three) in the other, why not join us in getting your finances in order, and hopefully adding to your savings pot?

The idea is that we all sign up to start budgeting properly, getting control of our finances, and hopefully start saving towards something good.  So whether your 2014 money goal is to pay off your debts; to work out which particular black hole your money disappears into; to get control of all your bills with regular standing orders and direct debits; or to start saving towards something special, The Great British Budget can help you.

Sign up now to get money-saving hints and ideas straight to your inbox, to take part in the February challenge and to get lots of ideas on how to budget effectively and save yourself money.  You can also enter the daily photo challenge on Twitter, great fun and you might just win £50 in High Street shopping vouchers too!

I'll tell you more on Monday about our plans for the month, and we'll be keeping you updated about how we're getting on with saving towards our goals.  I look forward to hearing how you're doing too.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up today!

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