Present Buying for V Day!

With the non-stop illness we've had so far this year, I have already managed to miss one relative's and one friend's little boy's birthdays, and even Sophia's big day back in January was a complete wash out - literally!  All she wanted to do was "go to see the duckies", meaning the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust at Arundel, but it was closed due to flooding, and the on-going ghastly weather plus ill health has meant we still haven't made it yet.

But one of our New Year's Resolutions was to celebrate all the special days in our year properly, so with Valentine's Day fast approaching I thought I better get my thinking cap on!  As I've mentioned before, Steve is luckily not too difficult to buy for, but that's not helping me much at the moment, alas.  I think my head is so full of ill children, work undone, housework worries and everything else that creativity has moved out completely!

He does need a new coat, but that's hardly the height of romance is it?!  I think a Game of Thrones box set could go down well as being Sky-less we have yet to enter that world, but then his Christmas DVDs still sit unwatched.  Dark chocolate always goes down well, as does something booze-related, he's a great one for amassing his bar supplies, although we haven't seen any Tom Cruise-style Cocktail making yet!  And I know I won't go wrong with art supplies or notebooks, although I rather suspect we have too many already...

Hmm, what to do?  If only men were as easy Valentines-wise as us ladies - a dozen red roses, from a decent florist rather than the garage of course!, and we're happy.  Although the way things are at the moment I think I might be laying in to the home bar, so maybe this Giant Extra Large Margarita Glass would be more suitable for me!

What are you hoping for this Friday, and what are you giving your chap?


  1. Our gift to each other is an evening out together. There's a 'Swinging jazz band' evening locally so I'll be getting my posh frock ready to jive. We rarely get the opportunity so will make the most of it!


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