Review: Cuticura Handwashes & Hand Sanitising Gels

We have been sampling the range of Cuticura handwashes, which includes such luscious scents as Black Pepper and Pomegranate; Ginger and Manuka Honey; and Lime and Bamboo.  All have antibacterial properties, delicious uplifting scents, and are also kind to skin.  I loved the pomegranate-scented one best, lovely and fruity, but Steve preferred the fruity scent of the lime one more.  All three are paraben and triclosan-free, and have an odour neutralising effect, which makes them perfect as kitchen products to get rid of those niggly onion and garlic smells.

Cuticura also produces a wide range of Antibacterial hand sanitising gels.  These are perfect for when you're out and about, and great for cleansing your hands after nappy changes, when cleaning up after dogs, before picnics etc.  The range includes some impressive scents, such as Passion Flower & Mango and Cucumber & Mint, but also Sugar Candy and Lemon Sherbet!  All remove 99.99% of bacteria and dry quickly with no stickiness.  And at prices from just £1 for the smaller size, they are perfect for slipping in your handbag, glovebox, coat pocket, etc.

You can find out more about Cuticura on their Facebook site.