Review: Tesco Wok

With Chinese New Year starting yesterday and lasting for the next two weeks, we have been trying out a lovely new wok from Tesco.  One of the most-used items in our kitchen, our old one was a little too well-worn, so the arrival of a new version was most welcome!

The non-stick wok from Tesco is well-made, a great weight (light enough for tossing, heavy enough not to topple over), and a perfect thickness.  It is also dishwasher safe.  It retails at a bargain £9.00!

We also picked up some great ingredients in store which we would heartily recommend, especially as they are currently 3 for £4.00 in store.  We picked up two packets of stir fry vegetables: baby corn, little sweet carrots, mange touts, green beans and sugar snap peas; a packet of choi sum; and a packet of easy to use marinated Tofu.

Added to the dried noodles already in the cupboard and our ubiquitous bottles of Chinese Five Spice and soy sauce, and a delicious meal was ready to be knocked together!

We highly recommend this fab wok, and all the yummy goodies to go in it - treat yourself this New Year!  Gung hay fat choi!


  1. Looks like Tesco did well! :) Did you use the wok again since?

  2. I love a good stir fry, I also have the same wok. Brilliant for under a tenner!

  3. Pam Francis Gregory30 November 2014 at 10:29

    Love a stir fry - Thanks for the review

  4. That is so useful, I desperately need a new wok and this one looks terrific !

  5. Stir frys are the best! Cheap, easy to cook and healthy. There aren't many meals that fall into all of those categories!


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