Singletons Beware!

I watched Channel 4 show First Dates last week and spent much of the hour with my mouth open in shock; I mean this is proper car crash telly, you just can't look away once it starts.  But oh my goodness it made me glad to be old and married!  Dating is seriously hard work, and I am so glad to be well out of it.  I can only wish all those looking for love the very best of luck.

But just in case anyone is in any doubt as to the financial benefits of being coupled up, have a look at this infographic.  I was shocked enough at the difference in food bills, although that makes sense - cooking for two doesn't cost much more than for one - but the differences in the fuel bills is astronomical!  Sobering reading for all the singletons out there - get into online dating quick! ;-)

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  1. :-(( It looks awful when expenses are itemised like that!

    My personal experience is a bit different, though overall I agree that if I were one half of a couple my life would work out cheaper. Firstly, as a single person sharing a 3-bed flat with 2 others, I can say that energy bills usually are not as high as the diagram suggests - perhaps because I tend to be a bit stingy with the heating, and use lots of sweaters and hot water bottles in winter. I don't drive or go to a gym, so those expenses don't apply. I spend a bit less on food, as I cook from scratch and don't eat meat. As for holidays, I attempt to cut corners there, sometimes staying in youth hostels. Yes, that does mean sharing a room with a couple of strangers - but it's what I've always done, I don't mind it!

    So I'm not doing as badly as your infographic suggests - but I do tend to be frugal about most things, and I know that many of my choices described above would not suit everyone.

    I do believe that society should do more to accept the single life as a valid choice. For some it's not a choice at all, since for many reasons it's hard to meet the right person. There are others who have come out of a long term relationship through no fault of their own and are in for a financial shock! It is hard to feel validated as a single person when I look at data like this. I wouldn't like to say that there is an overt victimisation policy at work here - but it sometimes feels that way, especially when the Tories bang on about 'hard-working families', or after a hard day at the office I consider booking a holiday, only to be confronted by the dreaded 'single room supplement'. Grr!

    1. It does look awful laid out this way, but as you say a lot depends on lifestyle choices etc. We get it the other way too, horror at "so many people" sharing a flat, small car etc, but our expenses are what we can afford and what fits with our lifestyle choices too. And apparently we don't fit into the 'hardworking families' category because we don't both work full-time and put the girls into childcare for 10+ hours a day. Basically you can't win!

      I spent a long, long time being the single person, although it wasn't through choice, so I do know where you're coming from. It certainly isn't seen as 'acceptable', but apparently neither is not striving for a bigger car or house, or having more than two children. Our society has some very rigid and misguided ideas about what the 'perfect' life looks like it seems!

  2. I would agree with that, Charlotte. Especially in some religious circles, you're excluded from a lot if you're single, or divorced, or gay.. and only if you're in the 'married club' are you acceptable - as if it's an achievement to have got married?! I'm happily coupled up and stay that way because of hard work, but it was pure luck that we happened to meet and that we are so compatible. I don't know what I've done to deserve it, but I'm truly thankful.

    I think rent as a single person in a house share is much much cheaper than having your own place in a couple, also.

  3. My goodness what an eye opener, I am so glad I am not single anymore. A lot of things are a rip-off now and the cost of living is extreme. Fantastic blog and very impressive graphs it looks shocking in the graphs.

  4. Its totally shocking I know, things were cheaper years ago when I was single and back then I had a higher paid job. I am so glad I am not single anymore. Fantastic graphs and blog. A lot of couples now are choosing to live with parents to save money.


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