Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sponsored Video: Kelly Brook Unleashes Her Inner Disco Diva #freethejoy

The combination of Kelly Brook, a carwash and lots of soap suds sounds like some kind of male fantasy.  But add in a large bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk and a bit of a disco, and the appeal suddenly widens to us women too!

Never one to be afraid of sending herself up, la Brook manages to combine her femme fatale looks and style with a down-to-earth attitude that doesn't alienate her from her sisters.  (Although you might be glad to see her ample assets clad in a nice sensible jumper rather than the ubiquitous underwear!)

Have you seen the current Cadburys Dairy Milk TV advert featuring the 1977 disco hit by Spanish vocal duo Baccara?  Well the Kelly Brook carwash video is the mum version of that.  Don't we all want to go wild once in a while and unleash our inner disco diva?!

Have a look at this video, her performance lip-synching to the disco classic Yes Sir, I Can Boogie is just fabulous.  I challenge you not to sing along!

The number 7 best-selling single of all time worldwide, this song is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and get us all boogie-ing.  Not to mention rushing out for some yummy luscious Cadbury Dairy Milk!

What song and choccy combination always puts a smile on your face?

You can find out more about Dairy Milk on Cadburys Facebook page - head over there right now to see another fab lip synching performance, this time by the one and only Mr James Corden.

Post sponsored by Cadbury

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