When I Grow Up...

Recently Lara has started the whole 'what I want to be when I grow up' thing. We've had ballet dancer, princess, "animal doctor", bath cleaner (I kid you not!), swimmer and mermaid.  Not a bad range of jobs, especially considering when she asked her sister the other day, Sophia said she would like to be a grape!  The difference between being just two and nearly four, eh?!

I know some parents have very definite ambitions for their children, planning to have a lawyer or a doctor or whatever, and then steering the poor child in that direction from the moment they're born virtually.  In one case I know of personally this has resulted in a very happy doctor, in two others a very unhappy doctor and a very unhappy now ex-lawyer.  I'm not sure 'steering' your child can ever be a good thing, and in the majority of cases I would expect it to lead to unhappiness.  But on the other hand, would any of us be entirely happy if the sum of our child's ambitions was a job we considered lowly or unhappy?  Of course, that would be very different things to different people, one person's supermarket worker is another's modern dancer or jobbing actor.

Ambitions for our children is a dodgy area, although everyone of course wants them to be healthy and happy.  Steve and I have always aid we don't mind what our children end up doing, although we would probably suggest they don't go into catering, possibly the worst paid job out there Steve would attest!  Maybe we should delicately encourage them to go into the potential growth areas of the future, to become involved in space research, or to become medical negligence solicitors perhaps?  That certainly seem to be a profession in growing demand with all the recent instances of neglect and bad practice within the NHS.  And after all we will always need solicitors of some description or another, whether for helping when things go wrong, dealing with house sales, writing wills or so many other aspects of life.

A trade is also always a good idea, on the basis that we'll always need electricians and plumbers etc.  But on the other hand a masseuse in the family sounds like a good idea to me!

What do you think, what would you like your children to be when they grow up?


  1. Ha ha my son went through a phase of really wanting to work at Mcdonalds as we were quite strict when eating out, but my mom and dad would take him sneakily when they took him out, and he thought it was ' the most awesome place in the world.' Now he wantsto be an inventor as does his older sister

  2. I always wanted to be a ballerina, figure skater, nurse, and fiction writer. I haven't worked in any of these fields, though I still do some of them as hobbies :)

    Nothing wrong with being a bath cleaner - it sounds very original, and somebody has to do it!! ;)

  3. A Grape sounds like the best job ever! Haha. In all honesty, I'd love for Arlo to become a Doctor

  4. Your girls are adorable. Had to laugh at bath cleaner & grape, bless them lol x


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