5 Clutter-Free Life Hacks

We have a great guest post today for those of you contemplating a big spring clean and clear out.  There's something about those first glimmers of sunshine into the corners of our homes and lives that inspires some serious re-thinking.  Here are some 'life hacks' to get you started:

A top priority for lots of people is to improve their lives via a series of life-changing tips and tricks, which usually fails after New Year. But it can be tougher than you think to cast off the shackles of disorganisation and head into a new mess and stress-free life!

Here are five brilliant tips from a technology and lifestyle blogger with a big chip on her shoulder about clutter and its association to a poorly planned year!

1. Clear out one room at a time

Let's face it, the New Year motivation to finally have a good old clear out of every room, wardrobe and cupboard often only lasts a few days into the project. The answer? Don't hit everything at once. Spend time on a single space and be sure to do it properly. It'll be more of an inspiration to carry on with the project when you can see the brilliant results that are possible (rather than an entire house where each room is 20% cleared then left for the rest of the year!)

2. Head to a car boot sale

And what do you do with all that stuff? Car boot sales are back in fashion in the UK. As the economy limps on, more and more people are out for a good bargain! Look online for Facebook groups and directories listing the best local events.

Top tip: Get there early to sell to the most bargain-thirsty sale fans!

3. Trade in old gadgets

It's not just mobile phones that can claw back some value. You can trade in laptops, tablets, games consoles, games and accessories. A working device sent to an online laptop trade in firm could net you high triple figures, especially if it's in good condition.

4. Rotate your clothes with the seasons

Not quite ready to part with all those clothes? Think about storing off-season fashion in vacuum bags in the loft, basement or a storage space to minimise the number of seasonally useless bulky items.

5. Learn a few life hacks to make life much more organised!

There are thousands of them out there, so why not head online and look up a few of those brilliant tricks that could save time, frustration and money? Take photos on your smartphone of friends with the items you've lent them, keep cables in old toilet rolls to stop them getting knotted, open blister packs with can openers, use hair straighteners to iron shirt collars (if you're already wearing the shirt and running late!) and paint keys with nail varnish for quick identification.

It's a tough and chaotic life, but a few life hacks could spell the beginning of a superbly organised year!

Author Bio - Libby Carins has been writing for numerous technology and lifestyle blogs for five years. As a journalism graduate, she's a big fan of keeping life as simple, organised and practical as possible (and all with the help of her favourite smartdevices!. She often researches on sites including http://www.laptoptradein.co.uk/ to stay up to date on the industry.