Bedding for Babes: Choosing Linens for Kids

Children's bedding endures a lot. From spills to accidents in the night to naps and more naps, kids’ sheets and blankets get washed significantly more than their adult bed counterparts, so investing in quality sheets is always a good idea. When looking for the best bedding for kids, consider some helpful tips to make informed decisions.


Kids and cotton are a great combination. Pure cotton is durable enough to withstand many a spin cycle and smooth enough to be comfortable on the soft skin of young ones. One thing to consider with cotton bedding for babies is that crib sheets wrinkle fairly easily which means they may need to be ironed. For many parents with babies, that’s the last thing they really want to be doing. Cotton is also prone to shrinking if washed on the wrong cycle, which has been known to happen to one or two sleep deprived parents. Sometimes a cotton and polyester blend balances strength and softness perfectly to suit both parents and children.

Thread Count

This may be a new concept to some parents, but thread counts are important. Two hundred threads per square inch is quite low, and most children's bedding should be somewhere upwards of 400 for the durable bedding that will see you through the long haul. Unfortunately, not all children's bedding offers thread counts on the packaging, so you might have to do some investigating. If you can pull some of the bedding out of the package and hold it up to a light, you'll be able to ballpark the thread count based on how much light is getting through. More light means thinner sheets.

Online Shopping

There are plenty of great deals available online for children's bedding. In a lot of cases the vital information is provided and there’s a whole host of patterns, materials, themes and colours that will delight both parents and children. One of the other great things about buying bedding online are the customer reviews. Parents unsure about a specific product need only to scroll down and read through reviews by other parents to get some peace of mind and some really helpful tips about specific products, materials and brands.

Being a parent means making more decisions than you ever thought possible. Sometimes they're easy, but many parents second guess themselves and end up feeling unsure about whether or not they're making the right decisions for their kids. Choosing your children's bedding isn't a monumental decision in the greater scheme of things, but it’s what you'll cuddle up in every night with your kids while you read stories and talk about the day. These are the precious moments of parenthood and they should be as comfortable and snuggly as possible.