Review: Love From... Lalaloopsy Magazine

Lara is absolutely Lalaloopsy-mad, and has an ever-growing collection of the mini dolls and a couple of the bigger ones too.  She brandishes her Collector's Guide with relish and goes through checking off her mini dolls and making lists of who she wants next.  So when we were offered the opportunity to review the current issue of Love from... magazine, we jumped at the chance!

This magazine for little girls features a different character every issue, and this one is packed full of all the Lalaloopsy girls.  It also comes with a huge amount of extras and freebies, including stickers, separate arts and crafts magazine, a mini notepad, little heart-shaped pink eraser, glittery pencil and its own cute little bag to carry everything in.  Not to mention a very cute little ring, which was immediately fought over by Lara and Sophia, to the extent that I had to go straight out to buy a second copy of the magazine!

The comic part contains stories, games and puzzles, featuring all the favourite Lalaloopsy girls, including Pillow, Jewel Sparkle, Mittens and Crumbs, and their pets of course!  Here's a close up of the cute little stationery set too:


The Art and Crafts magazine contains posters to colour and ideas for projects to make and do, including a collage crown.  It also featured a separate design your own door hanger to colour and decorate.  This came with two separate glitter glue pens, and Lara LOVED this little art project.  And then there are the 40+ stickers featuring all her favourite Lalaloopsies and pets, they have been applied to everything!

The Love from... Lalaloopsy magazine is available now from the Co-op, Sainsburys, Asda and other independent stores.  Highly recommended by us!


  1. Such a sweet pic of Lara x
    My little girl loves Lalaloopsy but I HATE buttons so the eyes just freak me out!! I don't mind the colouring books and the odd magazine but I have yet to let her have an actual doll. Totally irrational I know!


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