Review: my little Baby Born Bathing Fun

Despite the large box full of multi-coloured plastic in our bath, every bathtime is preceded by a search and request mission - Can we take the wooden tea set in?  No.  Can we take the My Little Ponies in?  No.  Can we take our teddies in?  No.  Can we take this soft-bodied doll in?  No.

Well actually, yes you can, because we have been sent the new my little BABY born® Bathing Fun doll to play with!

Most soft-bodied dolls would not fare well in the bath, but the new Bathing Fun doll has been specifically designed to be fully bathable with a quick-drying yet soft and cuddly body.  The quick dry effect is down to soft granules inside the doll's body, which absorb water meaning no dripping all round the house when taken out of the bath, but she also dries quickly for bedtime or more playtime.

Sophia received the Baby Born bath for Christmas so wasted no time in popping her new dolly into the bath, and she has also joined the girls in the big bath.  Having watched me in the bath with Tatiana, they knew just how to care for their new baby.  In fact, due to her compact size and quick dry capability, she proved the perfect car, bed and bathtime companion on our recent hotel stay.

The doll comes with a lovely little cloth nappy - ten out of ten for that Zapf Creation! - cute little pik romper suit and hat.  A rite of passage for any doll crossing our threshold is that they should be de-robed and redressed immediately, and this one was no exception.  Both Lara and Sophia were delighted to see a cloth nappy on a dolly :-)

Next came giving baby some water to drink (our girls aren't familiar with milk in bottles, so think all dolly bottles are sippy cups for water), and the extra bonus with this lovely Baby Born is that she wees!  Due to a central tube the water comes almost straight out, cue lots of nappy changes and potty sitting role play.  The girls love it!

Lara and Sophia are really enjoying playing with this lovely little doll, and they really enjoy the role play opportunities of bathing, washing, nappy changing, drinking etc.  A brilliant dolly for any child aged 1 and above, and she has such a sweet little face.  This is the perfect dolly!

my little BABY born® Bathing Fun is priced at around £19.99 and available from all good retailers nationwide.

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In the bath with the big Baby Born, September 2014:


  1. This is so cute! Sienna hasn't got a 'proper' dolly yet and I'm trying to hold out until baby number 2 comes along and then she have one as a present from the baby to try and help her adjust. I'm sure soon after we will bathing it and have so many dolls! This one could go on the list :) x


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