Review: Playmobil 123

We may have mentioned once or twice how much Playmobil is adored in this house, and as Lara's birthday present mountain will attest the collection continues to grow and grow.  Sophia plays with the 'real' Playmobil too, but often gets pushed out of games by her older sister, so when some lovely Playmobil 123 arrived for her recently, she was delighted!

Playmobil 123 is designed for littler hands and fingers to play with than the regular sets and doesn't contain all the fiddly bits or tiny accessories that the more grown up Playmobil is renowned for.  I suppose the best comparison would be Duplo versus Lego.  Playmobil 123 features great attention to detail and is fantastic for developing early role play skills, as you'll see from Sophia's creative uses below!  Easily washable and containing no plasticisers, the toys are suitable fro children from 18 months old up.

Sophia has been sent the Fire Rescue Helicopter (no. 6789, RRP £7.99) and Park Playground (no. 6785, RRP £9.99) to play with and loves them both.  The helicopter features spinnable rotor blades and a little fireman figure who can come in and out.  He has spent the past couple of weeks rescuing various pets and stones from different places, including the beach.  Although having a mostly pebble beach here, if she wants to rescue every stone we could be busy for a very long time!
The playground is great fun too, featuring a swing, slide and sand pit with a daddy (top marks for that Playmobil!) and two little child characters, although I must say this set has been played with as much yet.  I think it might come into its own when the mud recedes a bit and we manage to get to the park more regularly again.

Sophia's favourite though is the Convertible Car (no. 6790, RRP £6.99) which is a little blue car with adorable eyes which she loves.  It comes with one figure who sits inside the car and can be pushed around, but the seat part of the car is a great size so that other toys, small dolls and even small cuddlies can be sat inside to drive around.

Playmobil 123 is a great introduction to the range, and perfect from 18 months onwards.  The toys are well made and sturdy, and as I say they can be used interchangeably with other toys and ranges.  We have even found Lara playing with the 123 range alongside her normal Playmobil, so 3 years is definitely not the upper age limit!

Playmobil 123 is widely available, or can be ordered online at