World Book Day and Learning to Read

On Thursday it's World Book Day and up and down the land mums and dads are frantically preparing dressing up costumes.  When I was teaching Year 4, it seemed that half the class turned up as Harry Potter on 6th March.  I thought this was largely because our school tie was the same gold and burgundy stripes as the Hogwarts one; so just draw a scar on your forehead, add a cardboard wand and you're there!  But a recent survey of nearly 700 parents revealed that 1 in 8 children reported Harry Potter as their favourite fictional character.  Impressive statistics.

Although they have both loved books from the youngest age, Lara and Sophia don't really have favourite characters yet, but they do have plenty of favourite books.  I think The Cat in the Hat, the Maisy books and anything by Beatrix Potter top the most-read list in our house at the moment.  We're off to a WBD party on Thursday, so I have been poring over the fab costumes on a lot lately.  With our costumes all ready it looks like we are set for our party, I think it's going to be fun!

One of the main questions that home edders get asked is how will you teach them to read?  As if this is a skill which must be taught by a certain age or in a certain way.  Well, like everything else that they have and will learn, our girls will do it in their own time and in their own way.  Some home educating families follow a very structured or even a curriculum-led approach, whereas we are taking what is called an 'unschooling' path.

Essentially this means that the girls will learn what they want to at their own pace, it is simply our job to facilitate their learning any way we can.  In other words, to provide natural opportunities and have resources readily available.  In a home full of books and readers this isn't going to be a problem, and Lara and Sophia are already familiar with going to the library to find new books too.  Events like World Book Day and specific reader festivals and events definitely help too.  I'll let you know how we get on on our reading journey.


  1. Lovely post! I remember World Book Day - feels like forever ago now!

    Emma x

  2. World Book Day is a great event. Wonderful to encourage reading etc. Recently have seen staff in some shops dressed up for Halloween, and children dressed up for Nursery, School and Local Halloween Events. Nice to see the variation, treats etc :- Treats and Events can be beneficial for Children and Adults. Though we are aware that we need to ensure that we aim for Health and Safety for all.

    Rachel Craig


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