Book Review: The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

There has been an explosion lately in personalised toys, clothes and books, a reaction to our increasingly de-personalised society, perhaps, or a reaction to the transitory, throwaway nature of many objects.  But to be perfectly honest, even some of these items are not ones to treasure and keep.  This wonderful Lost My Name book is quite the exception.

A child wakes to find that their name is missing and embarks on an exciting, rather extraordinary, adventure to find it.  As the child collects the letters of their name, they meet a range of weird and wonderful characters along the way, and have a series of adventures.

In beautiful colours evocative of proper paint; glorious clear, exciting text; and beautiful, rather old-fashioned illustrations, this is going to be a regular on our bedtime reading pile for a long time to come.

Lara loves the idea of collecting the letters of her name, especially as she is now learning to spell.  And haring the things the letters of her name might stand for, such as Angel, really makes her smile.

The first time we read the book, Lara didn't realise it was about her, so was absolutely beside herself when she got to the end and saw her name there!  Now she can hardly wait for that bit as we read the story.  A lovely, lovely book and a wonderful, magical journey - what a great start to life!

Have a look at this video to learn more about the story and the process of creating your own book:

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name is, of course, also available.

Both are available online at, £18.99 per book.